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Functional Training Space

If you are troubled with stiff shoulders and lumbago, please come here !

We make the body which can do daily motions like “stand”, “sit”, “twist” smoothly. The movement are easy and many professional athletes take same training.

Let’s adjust distortion of the body and train trunk with various tools.

Functional Area

Khu vực tập Slidez với gam màu xanh mang lại cảm giác dễ chịu như đang được hòa mình cùng thiên nhiên.

Aerobic Machine Area

Let’s burn off calories, which is the most important with running machines , bikes and so on.

Training might be bothersome when it rains or is too hot, but you can carry it out without any changes of the plan if you can use running machine or bike indoor. If you do machine training together, your goals like “diet” ”shape up” “gain physical strength” come close more quickly.

Free Weight

Nơi tuyệt vời để luyện tập tăng cơ, săn chắc cơ bắp. Kết hợp những bài tập từ đơn giản đến phức tạp, từ dễ đến khó. Tập luyện được tất cả các nhóm cơ. Khu vực tạ rời là khu vực không thể thiếu trong tất cả các phòng tập gym.

Machine Area

Are you only satisfied with losing weight ? Let’s make well-shaped body !

Three big points where people worry about are “Belly” “Upper arm” and “Hip”. Machine training is essential to manage them. Sometimes, women worry that muscle training makes the body bigger, but it is rather opposite. To make your size smaller and get a beautiful body, muscle training is necessary. Machine training makes your form steady and you can do muscle training safely and efficiently !


For who can not continue fitness alone. With monthly fee, you can join “Yoga” “Dance” “Aerobics” “Stretch ball” without limit.

You can enjoy studio lessons as a class. For example, if you decide to attend Aerobic class at 14:00 Thursday, it is easier to attend although you feel insecure to continue. We have variety of Yoga classes which beginners or veterans can join enjoyably.

Locker room

Locker room “Bright and comfortable locker room”

Bright and comfortable locker room We have enough lockers for our members to use comfortably. Our cleaning staff check around locker room with our motto “Safe and Clean facility” that you can use it cleanly every time. If you visit our club after your work or visit us with many baggage, we recommend you a private locker (extra charge needed) where you can put your shoes and toilet bag .

Shower room

If you want to wash away the sweat although you don’t have enough time

After your training, please wash away the sweat and refresh at our shower room. We have two-in-one shampoo and body wash.

Dry Sauna

Dry Sauna You can sweat not only with exercise !

Dry Sauna is a standard facility of a sports club. You can sweat sufficiently with exercise and sauna. Why don’t you sweat at our sauna at the end of the day? It is very good to release your stress.

Cold room

Cold room is the place with cold air where you can use as a replacement of a water bath. Using this room after dry sauna makes a blood circulation be promoted.

Powder room

You can use our powder room after the shower. We have ion dryers which are soft to the hair.
You can dress up and go out directly from our sports club.


Renaissance Sports Club in Binh Duong is branch of Renaissance Sports Club Japan, that was established over 35 years, and have over 100 sports club in Japan. It is a sport club of top class in Japan. All accessories that are using at Renaissance sports club are made in by Japan so that you can enjoy fitness, treadmill, aerobics, sauna.. have peace of mind with absolutly safety.